Lafayette College

Roxane Bolon
Felicitas Hannes

Really sweet and amazing kids and everyone who organized it was super nice!

Gave 0.75 hour on 03/02/2022
Olivia Barcia
Nicholas Rossi
Nahjee Adams
Cole Dutton

Cole gave to Athletics

Was a great experience to be able to read to the kids, make them laugh a little, and teach them why reading is so important.

Gave 0.75 hour on 03/02/2022
Carl Smith

Carl gave to Athletics

I loved my time reading to the kids!! Willing to do it again anytime!

Gave 1.00 hour on 03/02/2022
Casey MacElhiney
Timothy Jimenez
Ioannis Panayides
Hale Lombard
Rachel Hurley

Felt invited by the staff and the children were very respectful and interested in asking me about my college experience. They were also very engaged in the book I read. Very easy opportunity as well as March Elementary was close and the program was well organized.

Gave 0.75 hour on 03/02/2022
Gunnar Bogorowski
JP Robinson

JP gave to Athletics

The kids were extremely interactive and asked a ton of questions.

Gave 0.75 hour on 03/02/2022
Julie Schramm
Edward Grant
Simone Hefting

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Gave 1.50 hours on 03/02/2022
Charles Berman
Sydney Woolston

It was awesome! The kids were so excited to see us and ask us questions. Overall a great experience!

Gave 0.75 hour on 03/02/2022