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Debbie Byrd

Community-based learning projects are one option for the major course project.  See handout for more details.
English & WGS10.000

Bonnie Winfield

A space for articles and other resources pertaining to Community-Based Learning and Research especially developed for the CCE Faculty Advisory Committee and open to any interested faculty/staff at Lafayette College
Center for Community EngagmentLafayette College100.000

Thursday 7-9 · Bonnie Winfield

Women's and Gender StudiesLafayette College30.000

Varies · Bonnie Winfield

Providing student leaders with opportunities to develop intellectual growth through meaningful and effective workshops related to service. Goals of the CEA:1) Develop student leadership skills through workshops and service and2) Connect organizations with learning resources and best practices for se...
Center for Community Engagement, Landis CenterLafayette College26118.7594