Easton Area Lifestyle Campus (Senior Center)


Dedicate time to spend with seniors playing games, participating in activities and events, and overall getting to know them on a personal level and make their day special.
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I just watched a video called "Junk Mail". I was wondering if this is the same center that Ms. Mary goes to. If it is could you please tell me how she is doing? I don't know when this was made. My heart went out to her, she so reminded me of my grandma who's been gone for nearly 37 yrs. now. All I wanted to do was reach thru the screen, hug her and bring her home with me so she would never be lonely at nights or on the weekends. What a wonderful video of what you do for the elderly.
I want to go tomorrow anytime between 10:30 until 12:30, so if any of you know of some way to get there and are willing to take me please let me know. Thanks
Hello everyone!

For this week, I do have a car available for transportation. I am planning on going to the senior center Wednesday and Friday from 1-3, so if anyone would like to join, please meet me in front of the Williams Center for the Arts by 12:55. Thanks!