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Civic Engagement Academy

This class is completed and is no longer open.


Providing student leaders with opportunities to develop intellectual growth through meaningful and effective workshops related to service.

Goals of the CEA:
1) Develop student leadership skills through workshops and service and
2) Connect organizations with learning resources and best practices for service.
Instructor/ProfessorBonnie Winfield
DepartmentCenter for Community Engagement, Landis Center
CollegeLafayette College
Class TimeVaries
Service Learning TypeDeliverable
Class StatusDesignated
Class TypeLeadership Studies
SocialWebsite   Facebook
CausesCommunity General Service
31 People | 94 Impacts | 119 Hours

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Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Team Leadership workshop this afternoon at 4:15pm in Pardee 101. If you have not yet registered, please visit:
I hope to see you all at the Civic Engagement Academy Informational Meeting starting at 4:15pm today in Oeschle room 224.

If you cannot attend and want to learn more about upcoming workshops and service opportunities, please let me know!