A Promise to Keep


Native American communities are among the most impoverished and underrepresented in the country. Plagued by a history of distrust and deceit by the U.S. government, Native Americans continue to suffer as life on reservations often goes unsupported and ignored by the greater U.S. population. Besides being forcibly removed from their homelands, these communities are actively stripped of their culture, heritage, and even language. The goal of this trip is to expose ourselves to the reality that Native Americans face every day, to learn the history that goes untaught in American schools, to build lasting relationships with community members, and to listen and learn what we can do to help. It is important to note that this trip typically involves quite a bit of manual labor and physical activity. Besides direct service and discussions with community members, this trip also includes invaluable cultural experiences and incredible opportunities to learn the history of the community directly from those who lived it. Ultimately, we will bring everything we learn with us to the greater Lafayette community, and implement our new knowledge in our every day thoughts and actions.
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